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Our work with them

Most used is the ‘saddle’ type of sandbag. This consists of two zipped pockets with a heavily strengthened centre section and carrying handle that forms the resting point on the item to be weighted. There are two standard sizes, 250mm x 250mm pockets or 250mm x 290mm pockets – generally known as the small (7Kg) and large (15Kg) sandbag. The weights shown are only a guide as it depends on the filling used – all sandbags are supplied empty. We can of course make any size and shape of bag to work with your requirements. Your name/logo on sandbags is the ideal way of advertising your presence on site. We have our own ‘in house’ screen printing facility and we only use the very best inks that do not crack or fade, keeping your name in top condition.

Your Logo

We need to have a printing screen made to produce your logo. There is a ‘one off’ charge to provide this but once we have the screen we retain it in our library for future use.

How to get the best from your printed logo

Screen printing is a process that uses a solid colour ink that is applied through a screen (very much like a stencil) To achieve good opacity the ink is applied quite generously to achieve a good result. We use air cure inks that cut into the surface of the material and bond with it, creating a permanent none cracking or flaking image. If more than one colour is used it is applied as a second print after the first print is dry. Because we are printing on fabric it has to taken into account that we are not printing on a smooth surface. This means that fine print detail is hard to achieve, especially on the stronger, heavier fabrics that have a coarse weave. Bold logos work the best! Artwork – Please supply us with the best quality of artwork that you have. The better quality you provide us with the better quality of print we can give you. We can have your artwork ‘cleaned up’ if necessary but there is a small charge for this service. Colours – We have a good variety of standard colour inks in stock. If you need a specific colour match we can have inks made to an exact PMS/CMYK shade. Charges for this will be in addition to our standard pricing and the inks will be retained by us as your property for use with future orders. Shelf life of inks is 5/6 years. If you can, please include your logo or artwork with your enquiry and we will be happy to advise on its suitability for printing.

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